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Family Huntington beach dentist welcome to our office!

Family Huntington beach dentist welcome to our office!

Family Huntington beach dentist welcome to our office! Family Huntington beach dentist welcome to our office!

Dental Services


Preventative Care

 Efficient preventative care is the key to having a healthy smile. Consistent checkups will allow our team to diagnose oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay in advance to keep treatment to a minimum.  Using a holistic dental approach we use BPA free dental materials which are safe and look beautiful 

Extractions and Bone Grafting

Oftentimes a tooth needs to be removed due to excessive bone loss or due to a fracture. 

When Dr. Tilton removes a tooth she preserves as much bone around the tooth as possible. Bone graft material is then placed into the extraction socket in order to prevent bone loss and to provide a stable foundation for an implant.  At times an implant can be placed at the time of extraction depending on how much bone is available.

Oral surgeon and Extractions in Huntington Beach

Root Canal Treatment

When the inside of a tooth becomes infected common symptoms are: hot and cold sensitivity, pain when biting down on the tooth, and swelling in the gum under the tooth.  During the root canal procedure, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected.  It is then filled with a sterile material and restored with a full-coverage crown to protect the tooth properly.

Root canals in Huntington Beach


Full Coverage Crown

Oftentimes a tooth can become damaged and fracture due to having a large filling break or biting into something too hard.  When this happens the tooth can easily be restored with a crown to its normal shape, size, and function.  A crown can make the tooth stronger and improve the way it looks.

Reasons you may need a crown

~You have a cavity that is too large for a filling

~You have a tooth that is cracked, worn down, or otherwise weakened.

~You  have had root canal treatment- the crown will protect the restored tooth

~You want to cover a discolored or badly shaped tooth and improve your smile

What is your crown made from?

Crowns are typically made from porcelain with an underlying metal substructure for posterior teeth and are all-ceramic for anterior teeth.  When a crown is made, the color is chosen to blend in with your natural teeth.  The crown will be made to look natural and fit comfortably in your mouth.

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